On Sunday, the Director of Al-Hashed Al-Shaabe / Wasit Office, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Jaafari, attended the expanded security meeting on preparations for the Arbaeen visit and securing visitors arriving through the Zorbatiya border outlet.

The meeting was chaired by the governor of Wasit and the head of the Supreme Security Committee, Muhammad Jamil Al-Mayahi, in the presence of the commander of the operations of the Rafidain sector, the commander of the tenth brigade, Major General Nazim Kazem Musa Al-Saadi, the commander of Baghdad operations, Hussein Abdul Abbas Halil, the director of the Directorate of Military Engineering, Haj Abu Ali Al-Kufi, and the director of the Directorate of Relations and Border Ports in the crowd, Abu Yasser Al-Shaibani, a number of the brigades of the Hashed, the Hashed security official, Wasit, and the directors of government service departments in the province.

The meeting, which was held in the Directorate of Zorbatiyeh Port, discussed the security procedures and logistical preparations at the port to receive visitors, as well as reviewing the security plan within the responsibility cutters to secure the road and agreeing on many controls and instructions for the success of the visit, ensuring the safety of visitors, and harnessing all the efforts of the directorates of Al-Hashed Al-Shaabe and the concerned directorates in the governorate. .