Downloadable applications to serve the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (a.s)

Imam Mahdi امام مهدی (eBook)

In the Name of God, the Passionate, the Merciful The belief in the existence of the awaited Mahdi, the Imam who is absent but alive, is an Islamic belief. The belief that is strongly validated by consecutive and verifiable resources and its authenticity shall not be questioned. However, most of its related notions need further examination including Imam Mahdi’s age, his lengthy occultation, the reason behind his occultation, the blessings brought about by the awaited Mahdi when he is still in occultation, the responsibilities of the

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My Daily Hadith

With more than 600 hadiths in its bank, each hadith has been carefully chosen which, if pondered upon, it could inspire its reader and trigger a life changing experience.The App features:
• It is free.
• It has more than 600 hadiths in four languages: Arabic, English, Farsi and Indonesian.

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Quran Hadi – with English Tafs

Read and listen to Quran, enjoy the app exclusive English audio translation, and study verse by verse interpretation (tafsir) as per Ahlul-Bayt school of thought.

Our Quran reader app gives you a pleasant experience with its intuitive interface, and offers you a stylish way to read Quran and its interpretation (tafsir) on your smartphones and tablets.
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Mahdi المهدي – Ahle Sunnah Vie

Hadiths on Mahdi were narrated by many companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Narrations on the rise of Mahdi quoted from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and statements of Prophet’s companions (whose testimonies work as hadiths) that relied on Prophet’s sayings are included in many of the well-known Islamic books as well as books of Prophet’s hadith from Islamic factions. Some Islamic scholars have written special books on Mahdi, and some of the early and recent scientists have asserted in their books that hadiths on Mahdi are frequent and absolutely undeniable.
The Sihah Sitta (or the Authentic Six books) is the most authentic Sunni books, which are the second most important
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