Al-Hashed Al-Shaabe announced that a security meeting was held in Amerli district in preparation for the Arbaeen visit. Today, Sunday, the authority’s General Information Directorate said in a statement that “the commander of the 52nd Brigade of the crowd, Ahmed Jassem al-Amerli, and the deputy commander of the North Axis of the crowd, Irfan Abdel Hussein, discussed, during a meeting in Amerli, the mechanisms of The crowd worked to receive the pilgrims of Imam Hussein

In its statement, the authority added that “the attendees emphasized securing roads and providing services for visitors coming from the Islamic Republic, and securing their arrival from the northern Iraq road, in the presence of the representative of the Islamic Republic, Iqbal Paul, and the official of the Husseini processions in the Amerli district, Abd Mahdi Saber Abbas.”