Today, Tuesday, the Holy Karbala Governorate announced the latest preparations for the pilgrimage of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).

Karbala Water Director Muhammad Fadel Al-Nasrawi said, “The city was divided among several sectors, and tasks and responsibilities were distributed among a number of engineers, technicians and workers. All projects and water complexes were provided with fuel and sterilization materials, maintenance of all pumps and maintenance of mechanisms.”

Al-Nasrawi added, “The annual plan prepared for Al-Arbaeen day has been updated, as maintenance teams have been deployed throughout the city and on the axes of roads and the involvement of the most specialized mechanisms such as basins, excavators, cranes and service mechanisms in the center and city entrances,” noting that “the plan will be implemented successively in conjunction with Increasing visitor numbers.

On the other hand, Karbala Municipality stated that “its plan for the Arbaeen day included the involvement of 4,200 cleaning workers on the eight partitions in the city, the preparation of 350 various specialized mechanisms, and the distribution of 250 containers with a capacity of 200 liters.”

She pointed out that “the operation of the waste plant within the city limits and the preparation of sanitary landfill stations in accordance with environmental controls,” stressing that “two sites have been prepared, the first to accommodate livestock and the second for islands within the center of the old city.”

Meanwhile, the Relations and Media Department of Karbala Police Command confirmed that “a campaign was launched to fight rumors, coinciding with the launch of Al-Arbaeen million day plan.”

He explained, “The staff of the Relations and Media Department conducted educational field tours to increase security awareness among the Husseiniya procession owners and visitors during the Arbaeen day,” noting that “awareness posters were distributed, emphasizing the importance of cooperating with the security forces to report suspicious cases.”