A slogan carried by Abu Shaker from the far reaches of the Iraqi border in Basra

A few days ago, the Husseini processions started from Al-Faw district, located in the far south of Iraq, with a million walking march towards the city of Karbala, to commemorate the Arbaeen visit of Imam Hussein, “peace be upon him.” With the beginning of the month of Safar every year.

Visitor Ahmed Al-Shlishawi from Basra said: The launch was preceded by special Husseini ceremonies in which a large number of citizens and religious and governmental figures participated, and included speeches on the history of the Husseini march and poems, and the new role of the people of the city of Faw in embracing the visitors and commemorating the Arbaeen ceremonies.

He added, “Most of the visual processions decided this year to take the Ras Al-Bishah area as the site of their new launch for the walking path, and an area that is allowed to reach, by calculating the distance of that area from Karbala by about 675 km, in addition to meeting the request of the people of Al-Faw and their processions to involve their city that visitors do not pass through. In the embrace of the beginning of the march.

He indicated that the gathering of lovers includes, before the start of the march, the funeral of Husseini, and descending on the banks of the sea overlooking the Gulf and performing ablution with it, as a sign of stepping on the last southern border of Iraq, and then heading towards Karbala after raising the Husseini banners amid calls of “Ya Hussein.”

For his part, the visitor, Abu Shaker, who has been participating annually in this march, said: “I carry a special black banner on which is written (A walk for al-Husayn’s death from the sea to the sacrifice), meaning that the march starts from the farthest point from Al-Faw and the banks of its sea to the shrine of the Imam’s manher in Karbala.

The fortieth visit, in which Muslims commemorate the fortieth day of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, “peace be upon him”, coming on foot from various cities of Iraq and the world towards the holy city of Karbala, is the largest visit and the largest Islamic event, as last year about 16 million visitors participated in its revival, according to A previous statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, where the Iraqi government mobilizes every year its various ministries to secure that visit.