The General Company for Air Navigation Services, one of the formations of the Ministry of Transport, has developed an operating plan in preparation for the Arbaeen visit of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

And the company’s general manager, Nizar Ibrahim Al-Ziyadi, said in a statement that “according to the directives of the Minister of Transport, Captain Nasser Hussein Al-Shibli, which emphasizes the preparation and early preparations for the visit, an operational plan and a working mechanism for the presence of the staff of the Air Traffic Management Department and the engineers of the Aviation Communications Department during the period of the Arbaeen visit were drawn up. Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.”

The Director General added: “Work will be carried out in coordination with Baghdad Airport and Najaf International Airport to determine the tasks according to an action plan that includes all units of the Air Traffic Management Department (the tower, the area, the approach) and the Aviation Communications Department,” directing “to harness all capabilities and make maximum efforts to expedite and facilitate the approval process.” Permits to take off and land planes and provide the best services to international airlines during the days of the visit, which will witness an increase in air traffic management.”