God always wants what is best for us people in all matters of religion, life, and hereafter. Therefore, he rewards the visitors of AlHussein with many things that are obvious for the ones who believe and for the others who object, since it is a very special event.
Among those significant things are:

The spiritual significance:
Spirits are like the bodies, might be weak or get sick, but their cure is to get closer to God through some ways which are mentioned by the holy legislator. Visiting AlHussein is one of them and may be the easiest and the most common and closest to the heart way. AlHussein who sacrificed himself, to retain the law of his grandfather (P.U.H.) and to support Islam and the Muslims. Therefore, God made people from so many places and through different periods of time, love him.
A person gets closest to God when visiting AlHussein as said by Al imam Jafar al Sadik [ Among the loved acts to God is to visit AlHussein’s grave (P.U.H.), the best ones is to make people happy, and the closest way to be to God is when prostrating while crying].
Besides, the visitor of AlHussein has a special spiritual feeling, full of love and excitement, when directed to visit him. He keeps praising God knowing that this visit will make God forgive him of his sins. As mentioned by Abu Abdullah (P.U.H.)[ Whoever visits AlHussein from our Shia at, will return home with no sins at all and with a thousand of good deeds for every step he takes in the way and rises a thousand levels].
The visitors of Alhussein get a lot of benefits as mentioned by Al-Imam Jafar Al Sadik (P.U.H.) [ In the doomsday, a person will wander calling: where are the visitors of AlHussein? A huge number of people will stand up, then God will ask them: Why did you visit the grave of Al Hussein (P.U.H.)? then they will reply: We did that out of love for our prophet Mohammed (P.U.H.), and for Ali and Fatima. They were told then: These are Mohammed, Ali, Fatima, Al Hasan and Al Hussein, Join them since you will be in the same position as them in Heaven. They will run and join the banner of the prophet (P.U.H.) on his right, left, back and front.] Visiting Al Hussein is very beneficial, not only for the visitors, but for anyone who is related to them. It takes off all the sins in a way that was mentioned in 40 of the prophet’s sayings. Seif Al Tammar once mentioned on behalf of Al Hussein [the visitor of Al Hussein in the doomsday will be able to get off the sins of 100 men who are supposed to go to hell] and in another saying [ the visitors of Al Hussein will be asked to make their beloved ones join them in Heaven].
May be one of the biggest things that can happen to the person who visits Al Hussein sincerely and follow all the required steps and rules for the visit is that God will look at him with mercy and kindness, and his visit supports Fatima (P.U.H.), since she visits Al Hussein (P.U.H.) every day. His face, eyes and heart will be in the prayers of Al Imam Al Sadik (P.U.H.) since he used to pray to God, during his prostration while crying, to be merciful and kind to the eyes who cried on Al Hussein ‘ grave , to the faces which touched his grave, to the hearts who grieved
for him. (5)

لوحة “عصر عاشوراء” – الأستاذ فرشجيان

The loyalty significance:
God sent people, all the prophets and messengers in order to follow them and make them their mentors; learn from them morals and ethics. Therefore, people should be loyal to them, visit them, and follow their concepts in refusing slavery and humiliation, and in fighting for their rights. As Abu Abdullah Al Sadik (P.U.H.) said: [ Any assault or violation to any of the Shia at , makes God put him in heaven] (6)
Visitors’ consolation to Fatima Al Zahraa (P.U.H.), is considered the greatest one in getting rewards from God. As Jaafar al Sadik (P.U.H.) said: [When Fatima cries, thousands of martyrs, prophets, and followers will make her happy, her voice will be heard by all the angels in the sky. When she stops crying, prophet Mohammed.
(P.U.H.) will call her and say “Girl, you made people cry and stop praising, therefore stop, to make them pray]. She will look at the people and ask God to forgive them. (7) Congratulations to those ones!

For all mentioned above, the purpose of crying on the leader of all martyrs, Al Hussein, is to remind people of the injustice that was done on him and his family, and how he was murdered, to get their sympathy and to make them refuse any injustice, fight for freedom, and object the conquer of any tyrant.
This happened over the ages. As Imam Mohammed Al Bakir (P.U.H.) said: It was mentioned in Quran in Surat Ghaffir 51 that God will support his messengers and people who believe in him, in life and hereafter. Then he said: [AlHussein Bin Ali is among them , and your grief for him , telling his story, his suffering , how he was murdered, and visiting his grave, will support you in life and make you become with our prophet Mohammed(P.U.H.) in Heaven.] (8)


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