On Monday, the forces of the 26th Brigade of Al-Hashed Al-Shaabe in the holy governorate of Karbala began implementing the security plan for securing the Ashura day, with the participation of 1,500 fighters.

According to a statement by Al-Hashed Al-Shaabe Information Directorate, received by (Iraqi Media News Agency / INA), the plan included inspecting visitors coming to the city center from three axes and through 7 blocks and controls: (Al-Salam Bridge, Al-Abbas neighborhood control, Al-Ibrahimiya control, Hamza Al-Zughayer cuts, and Sayed cuts). quality, ship parts, tax parts).

He added, “The plan is implemented with the direct follow-up of the commander of Major General Maytham al-Zaidi and in coordination with the Holy Karbala Operations Command and the rest of the security units.”